After 8 years of practicing architecture I made the difficult decision to follow my true passions in writing and web development. Designing and building websites has everything that made me fall in love with architecture, minus some of the more undesirable aspects of the profession. Basically, I was sick of designing buildings for rich assholes. So now I design websites and write copy for rich assholes!

Kidding. I love my digital clients!

I started this freelance business to venture outside the comfortable nest I had made for myself to build something more meaningful. I want to help people realize their dreams in the same way I’m trying to realize mine. I choose clients based on their own enthusiasm for the businesses they run. Otherwise, what the hell is the point, right?

My background in architecture poised me for entering into this venture with a relatively smooth transition. I love to design things. I love to build things. I love to problem solve and help shape visions and create a foundation of digital content my clients can comfortably stand on. I’m always learning more about the ins and outs of web development, but that’s what makes it so fun for me. I crave knowledge and I crave growth.

That’s my vision. And it starts here. It starts with a phone call or an email. I’m always taking on new work as long as you embody the same passion for what you do as I do for designing and creating web content.

I look forward to working with you.



Oh, hello again.